In order to access more of Chatango's profile customization, a user has to buy a background. As the name suggests, buying a background allows a user to put a background on all their posts in a chat, and their mini profile on the PM Page. The lowest price for a background is $0.95, though the feature is for supporting the website, so users can donate more if they wish to do so. Once bought, a background will last exactly one month from date of purchase. During that time, a user can change the background color of their posts, as well as upload a picture of their own from their computer.

In a Chat

  1. To buy a background, click the "bg" icon located at the bottom right.
  2. Press the Upload button, and it a message will pop up asking you to support chatango.
  3. Click Support, and follow through with choice of payment.
  4. Once done, simply press the bg icon again and either select box under "Message background Color:" to choose a color or press "Upload" to upload your own picture. There is also a choice to tile the image.
  5. When done, make sure the "Use this background" box is selected and press ok.
  • Note: If you had already paid, and the support box still pops up, refreshing the page may be required to fix it."

From PM page

Click the emotes icon and click buy from there follow the steps on group chat part.

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