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Username Aqua
Gender Male
Age 17
Date Joined November/December 2010
Friends alot
Preferred Type of Chat Pokemon, Pokemon RPing, regular chat
Alt Accounts RedsWartortle (Inactive)
AquaticWartortle is a user who first joined Chatango around November/December 2010. He's more active nowadays, but is mainly active on Wikia.

The Beggining 

AquaticWartortle first noticed Chatango while using the Pokemon Card Maker site around 2009. He ignored it until about November~December 2010, when he decided to join a chat. At that time, he was an anon with the username "AquaticWartortle". He liked the chat, and a few weeks later, he made an official account after his friend (soon to be best friend) wanted to add him. He then took a hiatus until around February 2011, getting back into Chatango afterwards.

RP Stats

Image Moveset Items
20120627233627%21Wartortle_BW.gif Zap Cannon, Counter, Ice Beam, Surf Eviolite.png Eviolite (Boosts defense for non-fully evolved Pokemon)