An anon user

Anonymous Users, commonly referred to as Anons, are users who participate in Chat Groups, but have not created Accounts. Unless an admin disables the feature, Chatango allows users to chat under an anonymous identity or a temporary name. Both of which are identifiable by the lack of bold on their usernames. When chatting as an anon, the system will assign a name, usually in the form of AnonXXXX, the 4 X's being a number generated from the session and uid.

How to chat anonymously

  1. On the chat, select "Set your name" on the bottom right hand corner.
  2. Press Chat anonymously.
  3. If this option is not visible, then the Admin had disabled Users from chatting anonymously.
  • The process is similar for Temporary users, aside from choosing a username.
  • Note: Temporary usernames are not the same as Accounts. They are only used for chatting and will not give access to any of Chatango's other features.
  • Note: You can also just type in the chat and it will bring the chat options up to click chat Anonymously



Example of Anon with an Account.

The term Anon varies in definition among different users. While it typically means one who does not have an account, users who have settled themselves in chats tend to use the term for people who are unfamiliar to the group. This becomes more apparent in chats where the anonymous feature has been disabled, and people "new" to the chat are classified as Anons, despite having accounts. In this case, Anons are classified by not having pictures or font customization.


  • All anon names (Anon0000 to Anon9999) are registered Chatango accounts.
  • Anon3536 is owned by Ra.
  • Many people have a hatred of Anonymous chatters. This is due to the fact most are spammers or trolls.

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