Adam is one of the following members of Symphony. He currently owns Grimmjow which is for sale for $1000. Adam is well known for his reoccuring "your mom" jokes and banter with other individuals from Symphony. Not only that, his frequent mention of "moms" leads others to assume he has a kink for MILFs (saucy fucker).


June 2008: Discovered his first chatango chatroom -- and registered his first account (Longdongkong)

September 2009: Much cybering in the past year. His dick was severely chapped and decided to swear off cybering forever. He met Hart for the first time and gained the Adam account. Then slowly ascend up the latter of the "originals"; met Brahim, Nikko, Nafi, etc.

May 2011 (Spent all of 2010 fucking Brahim's mum): Travelled to the deepest regions of the African jungle, slashing his way through the trees, when he came across Raynna. Persuaded her to return with him to the homeland.

October 2011: After months of begging, finally he gave into Ivan and Drake's pleas for him to join Symphony and graced it with his presence. Gave Raynna a wonderful place to live (the Symphony Zoo).

November 2012: Perhaps the greatest tradgey of his time, the Grimmjow account is carelessly sold to she-who-shall-not-be-named. She held it for ransom to get money for a certain vampire so he could flee the modern world and return to his people. Paid the ransom to acquire the account and set Flo Cullen free.

March 2013: Raynna escapes the Symphony Zoo. Inform Lord Dada-sama the third so she may be hunted down.

September 2013: His pic gets flagged.

Feburary 2014: Still waiting for pic to be unflagged.