His old accounts profile picture

AJ, also known as AJSaysNO (not to be confused with AJSaysYES and AJSaysMAYBE) is a mexican chatango user who originated from and also moderated the chat known as WPE. Here he spent many of his chatango years and made many friends. Sadly however, even chats can have an expiration date and he was forced to abandon ship and cross the borders into Nova territory.

As he climbed the barbed wire fence and crossed into Novastorm he began to recognise many of his old friends. Due to Novastorm being a gaming community AJ would often play pokemon and smash with many of the users here.

Climbing border

Here shows AJ crossing the border into Novastormchat.

Eventually AJ came into contact with a user named FizzySoda18 and they quickly fell in love. Little did AJ know was she was actually a catfish. Thankfully for him, Zeromyraid and the gang dealt with her swiftly and humanely.


  • Pokemon
  • Super Smash Bros
  • Mowing lawns
  • Dark Souls


  • AJ
  • AJSaysNO
  • Bardiel
  • Nito


  • He has been in a "bromance" with the user dedede (Also known as Fangsun) for many years
  • He has become much less active since Trump became president.